TriStar Alchemy

Join an unbroken, ancient lineage of alchemy
elucidating philosophical, educational and laboratory skills.

Welcome to TriStar Alchemy, where we are decoding alchemy for the modern era. Our mission is “to serve as the preeminent source of knowledge, research, and education in the fields of Alchemy and Spagyrics, while promoting the conscious evolution of humanity.”

Under the guidance of our globally-acclaimed alchemist, author and teacher, Robert Allen Bartlett, TriStar provides a platform to investigate how consciousness and the laws of nature intersect in the physical realm. Our primary objective is to foster spiritual development through in-depth study and the sharing of ancient teachings to unite all facets of the alchemical practice.

By joining us at TriStar, you will play a vital role in preserving the essence of the alchemical art and shaping a renaissance that enhances personal transformation and contributes to a profound evolution within ourselves and the world.

What is Alchemy

Benefits of Membership.

  • Spiritual teachings with practical application
  • Membership allows access to programs, archives, and online store.
  • We are a private member association, and spiritual ministry where members can connect from around the world, learn and collaborate.

Basic membership is free.

Our Areas of Study Include:

  • Legacy Teachings of Frater Albertus and Robert A Bartlett
  • Hermetic Philosophy
  • Laboratory Alchemy
  • Applications in the Plant, Animal and Mineral kingdoms
  • Compounding formulas 
  • The study of the temper of herbs
  • Astrology
  • Kabbalah
  • Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teachings
  • Agency Over Personal Health 
  • Standardization in the Field Of Spagyrics
  • Structuring a Personal Practice of Self-Mastery

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