TriStar Alchemy is a Spiritual Ministry
and a PMA (508c1a)

-In the USA, where this entity is founded, we have the constitutional freedom to practice  our spiritual philosophy as we see fit.  

-Protected with these freedoms, we do not need to request to form a 501c3 (“traditional”  non-profit), which would be subject to all of the ever-changing (often cost  prohibitive) rules and regulations that come with local and federal, public law,  (hence the use of the phrase “stepping out of the public”, with reference to our  Membership Agreement terms.)  

-Conceived as a private member association, TriStar can immediately begin the practice  of our spiritual philosophy and its many applications: hermetic/philosophical  services, education, laboratory practice, wellness services, research, etc. 

-TriStar Alchemy was founded with a growth strategy firmly in place. We would like to  grow into “brick and mortar” physical locations around the world, to foster the  spirit of collaboration and discovery. We would also like to be as self-sustaining  as possible. It is our hope that eventually, we will not have to rely on donations  in order to exist. In order to achieve these goals, we must budget for our own  growth; our entity mustn’t be hindered by profit limitations, ordained by  traditional non-profit laws. 

-This Association is registered with the California Secretary of State, and we have gone  through all of the appropriate channels with the IRS to have a properly  designated EIN number. We are legally permitted to exist and receive  donations (within the privacy of our own association).  

-We do not feel the need to share our inner workings with annual and on-demand  updates to any overseeing entities. We are simply practicing and sharing our  love of Alchemy, as protected by our spiritual freedoms.