“Turn inward for your voyage !
For all your arts, You will not find the stone in foreign parts.”

- Angelus Silesius

TriStar Alchemy is a Private Ministerial Association. What that means....

Alchemy and mystery school teachings were long shrouded in secrecy, and historically known as initiatic practices. However, in our current era, the landscape of knowledge sharing has undergone a profound transformation. Information flows more freely than ever before, allowing individuals to access a vast array of teachings and insights.

Nevertheless, despite this newfound openness, Tristar Alchemy remains exclusive to members. We firmly believe that learning within a designated “container” provides a unique environment for individuals to fully recognize their intentions, demonstrate their commitment to learning, and assume personal responsibility for their journey.

All expressions of alchemy (education, research, wellness preparations, lab work, etc) stem from our overarching, hermetic spiritual philosophy. We have the right to privately practice our creed outside of public law.

By restricting membership to individuals who are genuinely interested and invested in the study of alchemy, we aspire to create an environment where members can engage in a focused and meaningful exploration of this ancient art.

Membership provides a sense of belonging and camaraderie among like-minded individuals who share a common passion for alchemy. The exclusivity also helps to ensure that the teachings and practices are shared within a trusted and dedicated community, promoting the integrity and authenticity of the knowledge being transmitted.

Bearing this in mind, it is the responsibility of every member to respect the privacy of this Private Membership Association (PMA) and its content. The content provided by TriStar Alchemy is meant for members of this association only.

As private members, we are all also personally responsible for our health and safety, and should take every measure possible to have safe practices in all applications of alchemy. It is through this intentional and responsible approach that members can fully immerse themselves in the practice of alchemy and reap the transformative benefits it offers.

Our hope is that these principles resonate with you, inspiring a wholehearted “Yes”to join our landmark alchemical community.

Benefits of becoming a member

Members have access to a range of alchemical resources and services, designed to  promote our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being. Basic membership is  currently free, and available to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. Membership  comes with: 

  • Access to our alchemy education and laboratory application courses online, taught by Robert Bartlett (available for purchase)
  • Regular spiritual/philosophical services (through our Temple of the Hidden Sun area)
  • The opportunity to connect and “cross pollinate” with guest speakers and fellow alchemists from around the world
  • Free access to our private facebook forum
  • Access to our (members only) online store, and all TriStar “in person” events and workshops.