Tertia Online

The Mineral Realm The Tertia class examines the works on minerals and metals, which some consider to be the pinnacle of alchemical works. The class spans three days and covers the theories on metallic alchemy and also provides practical examination of both the wet and dry methods. We spend a whole day on the acetate […]

Prima Online

History, Theory and Practicum of Herbal Alchemy and Spagyrics This first in the series of classes introduces the History and Philosophy of the Alchemical Tradition and its practical application in the plant world. Robert Bartlett, world-renowned author and lecturer on Practical Alchemy, offers his decades of experience, knowledge, and experimentation in this unique and informative […]

Egyptian Magic

This course will cover mythological and theoretical concepts behind the development of Egyptian Magic which permeated the Egyptian culture throughout history. Topics provide an overview of Egyptian mysticism, an examination of the three most fundamental ritual practices in ancient Egypt, being the purifications, the daily temple liturgy, and the opening of the mouth ritual. Also […]