Uncover the arcane secrets of a civilization where magic wasn’t just mystery—it was power! This transformative course will unveil the profound mythological and theoretical underpinnings that have captivated seekers through the ages.

Delve into the very heart of ancient rituals that shaped the spiritual landscape of the Nile. Master the purification rites that cleansed the soul, partake in the resonant daily liturgies of the temple halls, and enact the sacred ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ritual, believed to breathe life into stone.

egyptian talismans

Forge Your Mystical Toolkit

This isn’t just a study—it’s a hands-on crafting of your own mystical tools. Construct a toolkit of ancient artifacts: forge ritual tools, brew elixirs, and design talismans that channel divine energies. Awaken guardians to protect your spiritual journey. Topics covered include:

  • Amulets and Talismans – Their forms, materials, and uses
  • Formula of the Ushabti – personal assistants and protectors in the invisible realm
  • Water from the Sacred Lake, Incense, The 7 Sacred Oils


Unlock the Secrets of Cosmic & Anatomical Mysteries

Decode the intricate cosmology and metaphysical structures that defined Egyptian spirituality. From mastering sacred temple blueprints to aligning your rituals with celestial cycles, each module deepens your mystical connections. Topics covered include:

  • Orientation in time space and mind of the Ancient Egyptians
  • Egyptian Cosmology
  • Metaphysical anatomy
  • Basics of the Egyptian temple
  • Festival calendars and timing of events

Dress, Prepare, and Transform through Authentic Ritual Practice

Adorn yourself in the vestments of ancient priests, prepare ritual vessels, and blend sacred oils and incense. With each step, you’ll draw closer to the powerful energies that ancient mystics harnessed to bridge the divine and the mortal.

  • Purifications: Rite of the House of Morning
  • Rite of the Lotus Wand (and Egyptianized Middle Pillar ritual)
  • Rite of the Bennu (a rejuvenating eucharist)
  • Opening of the Mouth Ritual

Now It’s Your Turn to Experience the Sacred Rituals of the Ancients

Ancient Egyptian Magic COURSE DETAILS

This course doesn’t just teach you about Egyptian magic—it immerses you in the actual practices and mystical arts that shaped the pharaohs and priests of the Nile. From crafting your own magical tools to mastering sacred rites that align you with celestial powers, you’ll undergo a profound transformation that redefines your reality. 


Enroll today and redefine your reality with the mystical arts of Egyptian magic!


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About your instructor

Robert Allen Bartlett is a practicing alchemist and author. A natural born scientist, Robert’s interest in geology and the sciences in general prompted him to construct his own home laboratory when only 9 years old. Robert’s interest in the ancient use of natural materials lead him to the study of alchemical works at the age of 12 and it has become his lifelong passion.

In 1974, he left San Jose State University to pursue an intensive course of alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (later Paracelsus College) under the guidance of Dr. Albert Reidel (Frater Albertus). During this time, Robert lived in central Idaho where he performed personal research on botanical materials and worked underground mining antimony (an important alchemical resource). By 1976, at the prompting of Frater Albertus, Robert returned to college at Boise State University to complete his degree in chemistry with the view of working at the newly formed Paralab, a commercial offshoot of Paracelsus College. 

Working closely with Frater Albertus, Robert researched and developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions for applications in alternative health care. 

Robert’s pursuit of alchemical research never diminished, as he continued his chemistry career as a research scientist for new ceramic materials, then later as the Chemistry Department Manager for a large materials testing laboratory. In this new environment, he was able to document and perfect alchemical experiments in ways undreamed of by the ancient alchemists using the very latest in scientific instrumentation.

Robert is currently living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters where he has been teaching classes and giving workshops on practical alchemy since 2002.

Robert has authored six books : Real Alchemy, A Primer of Practical Alchemy; Real Alchemy II, The Way of the Crucible (Ibis Press}; The Temper of Herbs, (Revelore Press); The Book on Antimony (Revelore Press) and Egyptian Magic: The Scroll and Codex (Athanor Press).