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Start Date: July 1st

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Discover the Living Art of Herbal Alchemy with Prima Class

We are proud to introduce Prima – a comprehensive immersion into the world of Alchemy. Here, you’ll learn not just the theory, but also the practical application of Alchemical techniques.

Experience the ancient wisdom of alchemy where nature’s secrets become gateways to personal transformation. This immersive 6 month course invites you into the world of herbal alchemy and spagyrics, revealing powerful connections between the plant kingdom and alchemical practices. This is where your alchemy study begins.

Guided by Robert Bartlett, a master alchemist , chemist and author with decades of laboratory alchemy expertise. This is  an experiential odyssey through the history and philosophy of alchemical traditions, enriched with practical, hands-on applications.

Your Instructor - Master Alchemist Robert Bartlett

Robert Bartlett

The class is taught by Robert Bartlett, a world-renowned author and lecturer on Practical Alchemy. Robert brings his decades of experience, knowledge, and experimentation to this unique and informative class. A student of Frater Albertus from the Paracelsus Research Society SLC, Robert completed his degree in Chemistry at Boise State and served as the Chief Chemist and Director of Research at Paralab.

Craft Alchemcial Extracts

  • Learn the three alchemical essentials—Sulfur, Mercury and Salt—discovering their profound roles in amplifying a traditional tincture.
  • Create your own 7 simple spagyrics influenced by planetary correspondences.
  • Learn the processes to produce ens, secret fire, VRM, and the minor opus plant stone.
Alchemy in your hands

Alchemy in Your Hands: Practical and Philosophical. Ora et Labora

This course builds on theoretical knowledge and how to put alchemy into practice. You’ll gain:

  • Hands-on experience with simple, accessible materials and equipment, making it easy for anyone to participate from home. We give you a supply list to begin building your own home lab.
  • Engage with bi-weekly content and live calls, ensuring a structured yet flexible learning environment and ample opportunity to ask questions and meet your Prima community.
  • Recognize the patterns of nature that will become visible all around you.
  • Navigate the course with personalized guidance from Robert Bartlett, sharing insights from his extensive career as both a chemist and a recognized alchemist.
  • Build a foundation for further study. Prima is the first of a 3 part series. After Prima you will be prepared to move onto Secunda and Tertia to expand your laboratory skills applying what you learned with plants to other materials such as eggs, shells, resins, water, minerals and finally metals. Prima gives you the foundation to safely approach further works.
  • The opportunity to continue learning in the community after the coursework ends.

Your Journey Toward Mastering Alchemical Arts Begins Now

The Prima Class goes beyond an ordinary herbal course—it’s a gateway to a personal renaissance, where ancient alchemy meets modern-day application. Enroll today and start your journey with these timeless arts.

SPECIAL BONUS FOR SIGNING UP by June 22nd, 2024 – sale $50 (You receive $50 off immediately if paying in full OR the $50 is pro-rated over 6 months if you choose monthly payments.)

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Starting soon! The first module will be released July 1st.