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Part One - Early Egypt: The Beginning of Alchemy

Part two Renaissance Period: Evolution of Alchemy

part three Modern Times: The Second Alchemical Renaissance

Early Egypt: The Beginning of Alchemy
Renaissance Period: Evolution of Alchemy
Modern Times: The Second Alchemical Renaissance
  • Explore the origin stories of alchemy, tracing back to ancient Egypt where this profound practice began and the first concepts of the three essentials emerged
  • Learn about Thoth, the god of wisdom, and his role in revealing alchemical secrets
  • Understand the Egyptian pursuit of transmuting substances as a symbol of spiritual purification
  • Understand how the Renaissance period influenced the evolution of alchemy and its enduring impact on the modern world
  • Understand the contributions of alchemists to modern scientific methods
  • Explore the lasting impact of Renaissance alchemy on today’s alchemical theories. For instance, during this time the Tria Prima (Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury) theory was extensively developed, perfecting nature, medicines, and people
  • Learn about the resurgence of alchemy in contemporary times and its relevance to our lives today. The 3 essentials, like the ancient Djed, become a pillar—the alchemist’s code
  • Understand the premise of spagyrics and alchemical medicine making
  • Learn about the use of these principles in today’s holistic approaches


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