“Alchemy is the ancient sacred science concerned with the mysteries of life and consciousness, not just in our own psyche but reflected throughout all of Nature."

-Robert A Bartlett

What is Alchemy

The term alchemy is used a lot in modern times. Often to describe a process of “changing one thing into another”. While this process of “transmutation” is present in the alchemical art, there is much more to it. The word alchemy comes from the words “al” and “khemia”. “Al” is an Arabic prefix meaning “the” and “khemia” is said to be the ancient name of Egypt and also the Greek word for metallurgy. So, alchemy literally translates to “the art of Egypt”. From its beginnings in the Temples of Egypt, alchemy has morphed and evolved many times. It has a vast history that has influenced and shaped the very foundations of most modern sciences. Originally it was an exploration of the nature of matter and materials. Later it evolved into a path of salvation; a redemption of the spiritual qualities of man and his evolution. And from there it has taken on many other aims; including transmutations of metals, healing modalities and the pursuit of the philosopher’s stone and elixir of life.

But alchemy isn’t about manipulating gold, and it’s not even about making medicines. Although both of these goals can be achieved. It is about the philosophy; understanding the true nature of reality and where we fit into that. And how we can utilize this information on a practical level to improve our lives. Frater Albertus defined alchemy as “consciously assisted evolution.” By understanding the laws of nature and applying those laws in your own development and the development of products in the lab; the alchemist can “raise the vibratory rate” of materials to exalt them to a higher perfection.

Robert Bartlett expands on this concept by saying, “Alchemy is the art and science of evolution, the flowing with the universe currents to a refinement and ultimate perfection, that is from a low vibratory rate to a higher and finally the highest vibratory rate. This requires an understanding of universal laws. The intimate study of nature and practical experimentation by the alchemists brought about this understanding. Ultimately they found that it was consciousness that directed the life-force in substance through the various levels of development. This is a key idea in alchemy, this “conscious” or more awakened control of the spirit or life force.

Alchemy, dubbed the “Royal Art” began as a secret, initiatic tradition; reserved only for the select few. Most of the original writings are heavily laden with symbols and confusing language for the modern student to interpret. But, alchemy is a sleeping giant that is waking up. We are fortunate to be alive in this alchemical renaissance where information can be shared openly. This is a life changing and powerful practice and requires a lifetime to fully unlock all of its keys. TriStar Alchemy exists to create a container for the legacies of Robert Bartlett and Frater Albertus to be preserved, shared and explored within a community of peers and fellow seekers. We welcome you on this journey.

In the work…Solve et Coagula