Who is TriStar?

TriStar Alchemy was an idea born in the 1970’s by Dr. Albert Riedel (Frater Albertus). Frater Albertus moved to the United States from Germany when he was 18. His interests in ancient philosophies, science, art and literature eventually led him to alchemy. Alchemy’s explanations about the nature of reality and natural phenomena captured his attention. He dedicated years to thoroughly research and learn the alchemical arts and eventually founded the Paracelsus Research Society in 1960 which later became Paracelsus College. Paracelsus College was formed to “assist students in finding,through higher education, the answers that would allow them to gain further insight and understanding towards themselves, their fellow man and the whole of nature. Thus preparing the individual to consciously assist in a specific area the evolution of the creative process.” He accomplished this goal by offering 7 year programs devoted to laboratory alchemy paired with a deep inquiry into the nature of self and consciousness. One of his students was Robert Allen Bartlett. Robert was 21 when he enrolled in Paracelsus College. By Frater’s request, Robert went back to school in Idaho to complete his chemistry degree. With a B.S. degree Robert moved back to Salt Lake City to work as Chief Chemist in the newly formed ParaLabs, a commercial offshoot of Paracelsus College. Working closely with Frater Albertus, Robert researched and developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions for applications in alternative health care. Later, Robert was selected by Frater Albertus to become a Director of Research at Tristar, the future vision of Frater Albertus which would combine the Paracelsus College, Paralab, and a Healing Arts Center into one complex. Unfortunately with the death of Frater Albertus in 1984, both the college and Paralab closed its doors and the Tristar dream was paused. Robert’s pursuit of alchemical research never diminished, as he continued his chemistry career as a research scientist. In this new environment, he was able to document and perfect alchemical experiments in ways undreamed of by the ancient alchemists using the very latest in scientific instrumentation. Robert has been teaching classes on practical alchemy since 2002 and has authored several poignant books. He is arguably the most knowledgeable living master of alchemy today.

Through Robert’s dedication to teaching and preserving alchemy, he has gained thousands of students worldwide. And with modern technology, we now have the capacity to share information on a scale never dreamed of during Frater Albertus’ time. So, it is with great honor that Tristar Alchemy, Frater’s vision, has been formed. Tristar’s mission is “to serve as the preeminent source of knowledge, research and education in the fields of alchemy and spagyrics to promote the conscious evolution of humankind.”

Offering online courses encompassing the hermetic philosophical pillars, we seek to offer the devoted student a wealth of information, support and community in the pursuit of understanding alchemy, improving health and wellbeing and achieving higher degrees of consciousness.

Alchemy and mystery school teachings were long shrouded in secrecy, and historically known as initiatic practices. However, in our current era, the landscape of knowledge sharing has undergone a profound transformation. Information flows more freely than ever before, allowing individuals to access a vast array of teachings and insights.

Nevertheless, despite this newfound openness, Tristar Alchemy remains exclusive to members. We firmly believe that learning within a designated “container” provides a unique environment for individuals to fully recognize their intentions, demonstrate their commitment to learning, and assume personal responsibility for their journey. See our membership page for more information about why we are a member based organization and the benefits of joining.

We want to acknowledge the long lineage of alchemists throughout time that persisted in exploring and documenting this work; even when it was outlawed and persecuted. We want to acknowledge our most recent teachers; specifically Frater Albertus and Robert Bartlett who have de-mystified the art and made it accessible to sincere students globally. We acknowledge Karen Bartlett, Robert’s wife for knowing this vision would come to fruition and enticing Robert out of the lab and into a classroom. Karen’s strong holding of the spiritual aspects is a guiding torch in the Temple of the Hidden Sun. We acknowledge the thousands of Robert’s students who inspire us. The multitude of volunteers who have worked diligently to make this happen, with a special mention of Kiyan Fox, our behind-the-scenes tech wizard who helped Spagyricus throughout the years and now TriStar. And lastly to the current team who are carrying the torch and fanning the alchemical flames.

Frater Albertus

Robert Allen Bartlett

Tristar co-founder team:

Robert Allen Bartlett

Karen Bartlett

Robyn Caywood

Kate Petra